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OPEN Source 100% Open Source
PHP Version 5.6 +
MOD Rewrite Required


  • This product can run on cPanel and Shared host with source guardian Loader

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Why not try our movie php script.

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Add Videos from youtube inside admin

Add videos from dailmotion inside admin

Subscription plans

  • Manage subscription plans.
  • Instant Automatic delivery of your service.
  • This is a new product so may have the odd bug, we will fix any bugs within 48 hours.

PHP Video CMS information

 PHP Video Cms Is a pre-built cms script for publishing, managing and importing videos.
You can add 1000's in a short time if importing from youtube or dailymotion.

Best reasons to import

  • Low resource usage is the main reason.
  • Importing from youtube means you save gigabytes s of space.
  • You save on memory usage and bandwidth.

Best reason to add your own videos(Upload)

If you upload your own mp4 files you don't run the risk of youtube deleting the video.

Do i need a powerful server to run the cms?

If you're just importing video from dailymotion or youtube, You wont need a poweful server, Shared host will be fine.

For importing You just need the minimal

  • At least 200mb Disk Space.
  • At least 1 empty mysql database.
  • Shared hosts work perfectly.
    For uploading You need
  • plenty of disk space(we have a 200GB Server for hours of videos)
  • At least 1 empty mysql database.
  • A decent dual, quad-core or better
  • Shared hosts also work perfectly.

Publish your videos Quickly and easily.

  • Add unlimited Youtube Videos with a few clicks
  • Add unlimited dailymotion videos in a few clicks
  • You can also Upload your own mp4 videos.
  • New Add unlimited live streams to view on almost any device.

Adding youtube videos

  • Add 50 youtube videos with just 5 clicks
  1. Enter a search term,
  2. select a category,
  3. click 'Search youtube'
  4. select the videos you want to add
  5. click insert...
  6. Done.

Look and feel

  • Free themes
  • All our themes are included in your purchase.
  • Themes Themes will always be free. and included in your download.
  • Change Theme Easily change theme in admin. The change will be instant.


  • Branding free
  • Change logo and copyright message in admin
  • Logo in player Change the logo and link inside the video player easily in admin