BMW Car remapping files

BMW  Car remapping files

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BMW ecu tuning files

Please be carefull when using this software, if done incorrectly it can brick your ecu.

NOTE : We take no responsibily of incorrect use of this software


Enjoy your vehicle with more performance and/or economy.

Tuning a petrol engine 5 - 10% BHP

Tuning a petrol turbo engine 10 - 20% BHP

Tuning a diesel turbo engine 20 - 40% BHP


Many have been tested by partners and workshops.

All files tested and confirmed.

All Software tested and work on windows 7 & windows XP.


You will need: your own master obd/bdm interface device

Galletto v54, Kess v2, MPPS v13, Magpro2, Dimsport etc

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