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Bug fixes and updates

Bug fixes

Web player update: Movie and tv info
9th Sep 2021
You can now when uploading a video,

Search for movie/tv at the top of the page.

This will autofill a lot of info within 10 seconds..

You also have an automatic dropdown box if their is more than 1 result in your search.
Web player update: Direct mp4 movie upload from Admin
9th Sep 2021
You can now upload your movies and tv series directly in admin
Web Player Error: epg text not formatted correctly and overlapped
24th Aug 2021
We fixed a css error where epg text not displaying correctly
Shopping cart to sell plans
10 Aug 2021
Shopping basket to sell your subscriptions.
100% automated.
Automatic activation and deactivate on expire
Web player Responsive issue
1st Aug 2021
We found an issue that menu wasnt showing in mobile or tablet view.

This issue is now fixed
Web player download files error
10th jul 2021
We had an issue with the web player download.
the download was the wrong files.,it was downloading images
instead of install files.
This is now fixed.
Web player Reseller panel now available
26th june 2021
New Feature: Reseller panel to allow resellers and super resellers add their own accounts and resellers.

Credit based panel.
Add car details to listings automatically
7th june 2021
New update for auto classifieds.

Import vehicle details, bhp, Torque and lots of other data easily for your ads.
Brand new theme available
1st jun 2021
New modern theme included with php classifieds script

New Demo
QR Code scanning image
24th june 2021
You can scan the qr code in site and automatically go to the exact same page your mobile or tablet
Location Drop down filter list in classifieds script
18th june 2021
New update for classifieds.
Search function

Find your location easily with a auto complete drop down list.
Fix for location search in php classifieds
31st May 2021
Error that stopped the geo location working

Fixed and updated