OBD2 Scanner Diagnotsics App

OBD2 Scanner Diagnotsics App

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OBD2 Scanner Diagnotsics App

Want a cost effective free way to track Trouble codes on your car?.

Track ODB2 Bluetooth ELM327 Trouble Codes on most cars made after 2001.

This OBDII Scanner app is Free

This OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner is 100% free.

All we do is show a short advert just after app launch.

This advert will only be shown once per session, once you dismiss the advert it will not show again until app relaunch.


Log your live statistics and save for future.

Log your Freeze frame and save for future.

Your live and monitoring data will be like a screenshot of all the data names and values.

OBD2 Diagnostics scanner with Bluetooth and wifi support.

This Scanner Provides unrestricted access to your car trouble codes and live data.

This OBDII scanner is supported by Bluetooth 4.0 and wifi ELM327 adapters.

Store all your DTC's inside the app.

DTC Codes are never deleted in app, they are stored on a data server.

These codes will be stored and available as long as the app is on app store.

PLEASE NOTE : Bluetooth device and Internet access is required to store codes and lookup DTC's

The will be stored for as long as app is on app store.

no limit on how many dtc's stored in our database.

NOTICE : Under no circumstances will the developer of this application be held responsible for incidents resulting from the use and/or interpretation of the data in the application.